Wanna know more about me?

Who I am & where I’ve been
I am Laura Soto, a seasoned designer with 15 years of experience based in London. From graphic design, branding, product design and design systems, I’ve worked in diverse fields from editorial and media, banking, real-estate and online food delivery. I’ve lived in Mexico City, Gothenburg and Dubai. 

My journey started in the editorial world, where I developed from graphic co-editor to Art Director of different magazines. I worked in one of the top business magazines in Mexico and the world-known ELLE in its Mexican edition. I learned a lot and had a tons of fun leading teams of designers and partnering with editors to bring stories to life. 

After a decade of work, work, work, I moved out of Mexico to do a Master in Business & Design in Sweden, which expanded my vision to a new way of approaching design.

My superpowers 
I have a structured design approach; I create processes where there aren’t, and I have master organizational skills. My great passion is helping individuals and teams to work better and improve collaboration.

I also have super neat handwriting that looks like a font (no kidding!). Taking graphic notes and illustrating are my all-time favorite activities. Through my illustrations, I’ve found a way to make people smile and nurture my wellbeing. 


What I’m up to lately

  • Doing a 200hr yoga teacher training. Halfway through! 
  • Celebrating my 10th anniversary of being healthy, grateful and cancer-free.
  • Learning French using Duolingo, I’ve been at it since 2020 and je l’aime
  • Completing a course on the Science of Well-being. It makes me wanna read my thesis all over again.
  • Planning trips to Mexico in May and Italy in December. 

sparking joy with clarity & emojis
I plan, organize, document, and continuously improve ways of working in my teams with clear communication and kindness. This helps me make things happen in the best possible way. Fact: my documentation always includes emojis because they make everything better (and scannable!). 


Let’s work together

I’m open to collaborations with fun & friendly people. If you’re looking for someone to partner with for branding, design or illustration projects, contact me.